Sea Pearl Villas

The Sea Pearl Villas are located just 5 minutes from the centre of Patong and offers expansive views of both Patong bay and the beauty of the natural mountain environment. The units are built on Patong’s last piece of prime land and opportunities to own such exquisite luxury this close to the centre are becoming a rarity to say the least. It is the perfect accommodation for those who need to be close to the action but to the same extent require a sense of privacy and intimacy.

As you walk into this development, set on 39 rais (15.6 acres), you will feel the sense of 5 star luxury. Appealing to those who want that little bit more from life, the lucky owners of the Sea Pearl Villas will not be disappointed. On site facilities include spa, fitness centre, restaurants and a juice bar.

Each apartment is built on a single level measuring a large 148sqm in size. As you enter through the main door the first thing you notice is how light and spacious the apartments feel as the full glass patio doors and high ceilings allow a great view overlooking Patong.

The interior has been designed to allow ease of access to each of the rooms whilst at the same time has built in a clever way of ensuring privacy for all of the family members.

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